Life-saver humidifier system

To protect your piano in a to dry or to humid environment and certainly with ground heating we can install a sophisticated humidifier system: the Dampp-chaser, which regulates the perfect climate for your piano.

Technically everything is possible but the question is, do the costs reward the investment? For example, the repair will cost a bit more with a new soundboard or pin block, but this could almost revalue your instrument up to the price of a brand-new German piano!

Furniture and woodwork
Polyester finish, wood repair.

We keep a nice selection of veneer and can also replace whole parts of the furniture.


We order soundboards at Ciresa's, Val de Fiemme in Italy or at Bolduc in Canada.




Will it still be possible to tune this piano in the next years to come?

Should it be better to replace the pin block or will a restringing
be sufficient enough? Our pinblocks are made at Bolduc in Canada and are made of maple.

Restringing with Röslau and HellerBass. Single base strings are made in the workshop. Full sets are ordered at Hellerbass, Germany.




We refelt with best quality German bushingcloth and hammerheads
are ordered at Abel or Renner Germany. Grandactions with Precision Tough Design.