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Over the last years in the pianotrade I've met a lot of friends, all skilled craftsmen.
For sure the Internet has made our connection easier and stronger. This can only improve the quality of our work in this wonderful profession.


Paleis van Schone Kunsten Brussel °1981

Let us respectfully keep the work of those who started it before us so we can be proud to service the musician and his music.

Danny Boddin

Palais des Beaux-Arts - Charleroi °2003

My grandfather was a piano teacher and when I was five my father started to teach me the piano.

In the 70's I was playing in a band and worked in a music company as a sound engineer. The acoustics of the piano was always fascinating to me.

Sinus Music Recording Studios

I got my first education from Jean Pierre Van Broekhoven who at that time was teaching tuning and piano rebuilding at the blindschool in Brussels.

Participating a seminary organised by the Pianoforte Tuners Association (PTA) of Great Britain, I met my good friend and mentor Odd Aanstad. He invited me in his workshop in Vesteroy in Norway, where he restored historical instruments.

Thank you Jean Pierre
At the Berufsschule in Ludwigsburg Germany I met my second mentor Gunther Schaible who instructed me in the art of intonation. We all kept in touch during the Leonardo program, a subsidized project investigating the European level of education in piano building, which had as its purpose to create a standard for all European countries.


I baren. Från vänster Anne Lotte Nygård

OddAanstad, Danny Boddin, Günther Schaible,

Barry Caradine och längst till höger Jan Ellefsen,

arrangör av Oslo-träffen

In the meantime Joseph Vanderkelen helped me out with a lot of good work and advice.
With his forty years of experience at the Brussels Günther factory and piano shop Vanderelst he knew perfectly how I should set up my workshop.

Restringing pianoforte Günther  

Precision Touch Desing

David Stanwood created this method, which optimizes the sound and touch of every piano in a more congruent shape or explained differently:
a perfect relationship between sound and touch gives the pianist the possibility to fully express his musicality.
We take pride and pleasure in welcoming pianists of all levels, from beginners to serious professional, to come and experience a Precision Touchweight Design instrument in our workshop.


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